The Funny Fone
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We love to prank call people! Are we immature? YES So, what better way to spread the fun than to set up a site that will do it for you! For a limited time only, prank call your friends for free! We have Tiger Woods! The classic RickRoll, and Stewie Griffin! More to come soon! Featured Prank Calls

 Vince Slap Chop Prank Call
Vince Slap Chop Prank Call NEW! Vince thinks your friends will love his nuts. But they will probably just wanna slap his nuts!
 Tiger Woods Prank Call
Tiger Woods Prank Call Tiger has been a bad boy, putting away from his home course. Call your friends with the famous voicemail message!
 Stewie Griffin Prank Call
Stewie Griffin Prank Call Stewie is not happy! Damn you vile woman, wind your friends up with this hilarious prank call!
 Rick Roll classic Prank Call
Rick Roll Classic Prank call A Classic! Rickroll your friends when they least expect it, preferably during a meeting!
 Achmed Dead Terrorist Prank Call
Achmed Terrorist Prank Call Achmed is gonna KILL YOU, a very funny prank to play on your friends!
 Homer Simpson Prank Call
Homer Simpson Prank Call Homer Simpson can call your friends with his lost pants problem. Can they help him?
 Crazy Frog Prank Call
Crazy Frog Prank Call Of Corse Crazy Frog can really annoy your friends with his insane babbling!